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The Times, They Are A-Changin’: Leasing Strategies in a World of Flux

Mergers and moving offices to locations with lower cost requires flexibility regarding law firms’ technology, software and equipment needs as these are reconfigured and optimized.   If your firm owns technology, the result of reconfiguring operations could leave you with equipment that is no longer needed, but will require dedicated staff hours to handle.

The financial burden of office relocations like Tallahassee by Kaye Scholer and Nashville by Pillsbury can be alleviated by converting all new technology and equipment needs into a monthly expense as opposed to a single, large cash outlay.   At the same time, in addition to the hardware and equipment needs, firms can also finance the software, software upgrades and associated ‘soft costs’ including training, implementation, installation and services, which can help alleviate the cost of onboarding new staff in new locations.

Leasing a firm’s hardware, software and other technology costs is a strategic solution that can allow a firm to convert what would be a large purchase into an affordable monthly expense.   Leasing conserves cash, keeps bank lines of credit open for their intended short-term use, and cuts out of pocket costs for security upgrades while enabling the necessary new projects to be fit into the budget.

Combined, these financial strategies allow flexibility and rapid decision making, distinct advantages in a merger and re-sizing market.


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