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Moving the Needle with Technology

“The Strategy of What You Don’t Invest In” as featured in Law Journal Newsletters The legal industry is incredibly competitive – and one of the few levers law firms can pull is the one labeled ‘technology.’ However, advanced technology isn’t free. Outfitting your team with equipment that will move the needle can require an impossibly… Read More »

Your State-of-the-Art Office Awaits…

Ensuring state-of-the-art technology is deployed at your firm is now a requirement of the 21st century law firm. Continuously updating technology equipment like laptops, desktops, and tablets is vital for both attorney productivity and client-data security. Leasing is a preferred financial strategy that helps leading firms achieve this within a predictable monthly expense. What can… Read More »

What’s New In Legal Tech: ILTA, Legaltech and ALT

Does Your Firm Have a Good Handle on Security? Security has been a major focus in the past few years, with client requirements, regulatory changes and even the news being driving forces. This year security compliance/risk management has dropped from 39% to 34% in the ILTA Survey. Looking at the breakdown by firm size, security… Read More »

Security Best Practice: Always on the Upgrade

If 2016 made one thing perfectly clear, it was the omnipresence and permanence of cybersecurity threats.  While there are no silver bullets when it comes to security, ensuring your organization remains equipped with state-of-the-art technology and equipment is no longer a luxury, but a vital best practice. Advances in technology and software, however, are being… Read More »