ILTA>ON 2020 Highlights

That’s a wrap for ILTA>ON 2020!  Check out our ILTA>ON highlights video, from the 2020 ILTA Tech Survey, Finance Roundtable, to our virtual happy hour and more. Now is the time to take action!  As we put ILTA>ON in the books, energized by the innovative technology solutions, the question will remain:  now what?  What can… Read More »

This ILTA, Join CoreTech in Supporting Open for Good

We are thrilled to be sponsors of the upcoming ILTA>ON virtual conference.  CoreTech Leasing and our leadership have been dedicated, loyal sponsors of ILTA and its events for over 25-years.  That’s commitment, and it doesn’t stop with ILTA.  CoreTech Leasing also supports through sponsorship of key educational events and business partnerships many other of the… Read More »

5 Lease & Finance Options To Help Conserve Capital

Law firms are rising to the challenges laid upon them, but since 100% clarity on the future isn’t a given, they need to do so with financial flexibility and conservation of capital for future unidentified projects and circumstances. These realities align with the benefits of leasing and financing—and this is exactly what we are helping… Read More »

5 Lease & Finance Options To Help Conserve Capital

Law firms are rising to the challenges laid upon them and responding to swiftly maintain business continuity by shifting operations to remote working, and procuring the technology and equipment that’s required to put it all together and provide uninterrupted legal services to their clients. It is an enormous undertaking and will continue to have ebbs… Read More »

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How to Manage the Technology Churn with Leasing to Align Finance and Operations

Law firms are in a heated market:  mergers, acquisitions, lateral moves, technology adoption, obsolescence, forced upgrades, cloud migrations and more are accelerating at unprecedented pace.  Firms must create efficiencies that align the business side of the house, especially when it comes to IT, finance and operations. That’s why we see ILTA’s 2018 Technology Survey technology… Read More »