Scott McFetters to Speak at ALA Chapter Education Meeting, Hawaii

Advances in technology and software are increasing exponentially, causing obsolescence cycles to shrink, and inserting risk as outdated technology leaves firm?s vulnerable to security risks. Many law firms struggle to manage these vital needs to continuously update software and equipment to keep current and address security while staying within budget. Leasing is a strategic financial… Read More »

Upgrading to 3E Financing and Leasing Is a Strategic Advantage

This article was featured in the Q2 2017 edition of Thomson Reuters Elite’s Forefront newsletter. By Scott McFetters In the next 12 to 24 months, users of the Elite Enterprise® platform will have to decide what is the best way to smoothly transition to 3E by the planned end-of-service date. This means that your firm… Read More »

The CoreTech difference:  Relationships, not transactions.

Organizations across all industries are increasingly recognizing the strategic value of leveraging leasing for their equipment and technology requirements.  No matter what your industry, leasing will help your organization to: — Pay only for the useful life of your technology and equipment as the pace of change continues to rapidly increase — Use the most… Read More »