Financing and Leasing Technology Is a Strategic Advantage

This article was featured in the May 2017 edition of Law Journal Newsletters.

By Scott McFetters

Advances in technology and software are being made at an increasingly rapid pace. As a result, IT hardware obsolescence cycles are shrinking too. This period of exponential improvement with which we are all now familiar has shown time and again that there will continue to be breakthroughs in technology that deliver better, less expensive, and/or more robust products. Law firms may want to leverage a specific law firm management technology to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace but might not want to purchase those tools outright. How are you equipping your firm to succeed both in the present day and into the future?

Changing Technologies

On Jan. 10, 2023, Thomson Reuters Elite will cease support for all versions of its Enterprise platforms, with all bug fixes for all versions ending on Dec. 31, 2022. The Thomson Reuters Elite Enterprise platform is over 25 years old, and according to the company, is no longer feasible to maintain compatibility with new technology. In addition, Microsoft will terminate related technologies over the coming years, which means that by January 2023, all enterprise versions will be running on unsupported Microsoft technology.

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As part of the complete Enterprise Business Management Solution offered by Thomson Reuters Elite, the 3E platform helps firms manage critical areas of their business. This means they upgrade either to 3E or a competing product, which could impact several mission-critical systems within the firm. In addition, this could require other expensive hardware upgrades and tertiary software upgrades.

Approximately 33% of Thomson’s 167 client firms, ranging from 100 fee earners to 600, have already made the decision to upgrade to 3E. This leaves about 67% of its major law firm client base still undecided as to whether to upgrade to Thomson’s new 3E platform or change their core platforms to Aderant or another competitor.

Finance or Buy?

Whether firms migrate from Elite Enterprise to the new 3E platform or change providers, a decision must be made to arrive at a financial solution that will cover not only the software expenses, but also additional related expenses: training, implementation, maintenance and other soft costs, along with any new hardware requirements for the new system.

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