How Leasing Aligns with Technology Adoption Growth and Growing Security Concerns

ILTA Technology Survey is Out!  Some Key Takeaways

As law firms’ technology adoption continues to grow, so does technology spending. To stay competitive, a significant amount of law firms’ technology budget is devoted to building out infrastructures and processes to protect data from breaches, attacks, or insider threats.

There is significant pressure on firms to protect client data and the annual ILTA/InsideLegal Technology Purchasing Survey revealed that, over the past year, 44% of firms have purchased cybersecurity-related software.

Here are some other findings:

  • 53% of respondents cited increased budgets (due in large part to heavy investments in core hardware and renewals), a 12% growth rate compared to 2015.
  • In 2016, more firms have been purchasing security awareness training services, software and content (27%); security monitoring services for the network (27%); and artificial intelligence technology (3%).
  • 59% of respondents outsource security assessment/penetration testing services.
  • Firms’ top IT challenges include security management (67%), user adoption/lack of training (42%), risk management/compliance (40%).

Leasing provides a built-in mechanism for adapting to new and emerging technologies, security upgrades as well as provides for financing of soft costs (training, implementation, etc.) software keeping your firm steadily within budget.

We invite you to read the full ILTA/InsideLegal Technology Purchasing Survey, here.

Semi-Conductor Expands its Presence into Other Industry Verticals

Today, semiconductors and the applications they enable are venturing into every industry verticals that were before unimaginable.

To adapt to this unexpected shift, the industry will have to refocus—selecting the best technologies to fit each industry verticals’ needs, including re-using older process nodes or increasingly more powerful reconfigurable interconnects.

With that shift comes the need for security as more and more industrial control technologies are getting hacked putting people’s lives and livelihoods at risk.

“Every vertical has different requirements and we’re going to need specialists in each one, perhaps guided by the folks who have seen and assessed risks over the years in traditional semiconductors.”

Leasing is uniquely attuned to the growth and expansion of the semi-conductor industry. Please read the full report here, and reach out to us to discuss how CoreTech Leasing can help your organization prepare for unexpected change.

Education Technology is Reshaping Research

Experts say education technology is a powerful tool that can transform the evolving field of education.

The belief that education technology should extend beyond bringing technology into traditional classrooms has led to a rapid growth – globally – in funding for academic research. The National Science Foundation reported that the United States’ federal government has provided universities with almost $70 billion for research.

Leasing supports educational research and assists institutions in procuring updated technology according to their needs, while strengthening their efforts to make their information security program bulletproof. Read the full story here.

Digital Technologies Tackling Corruption in Healthcare

Digital technologies are helping to tackle corruption in healthcare.

Technological innovations such as apps offer opportunities of improved governance in the healthcare sector, mainly in low and middle income countries. Experts say that good governance plays an important role in ensuring citizens have fair access to high quality healthcare.

“As digital technologies become more widely available there are real opportunities to make a difference, and we’ve seen some great examples of innovation.”

Dr. Claudia Pagliari, Senior researcher, The University of Edinburgh’s Global Health Academy

Leasing is a financial strategy which allows your organization to roll out the best digital technologies available, while providing you with strong asset tracking to mitigate risk. Considering leasing? Talk to us and read the full story here.

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