ILTA Webinar: “What Financial Approach Optimizes IT Strategy?”

Law firm margins were up at the end of 2018. In fact, it was one of the most profitable years on record since the recession. This is great news for law firms’ investment strategies – which includes technology. What financial approach optimizes IT strategy?

Increasing cyber security and business development technology needs, mobile lawyering and the consumerization of attorney tech needs all must be met to be competitive. Join us on Monday, March 4th for our ILTA-sponsored webinar:

“What Financial Approach Optimizes IT Strategy?” Time: 12:00 pm ET Register here.

Barry Steel, Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CoreTech Leasing, will discuss financing and leasing best practice solutions that allow IT to optimize these selections by:

  • Adding an additional layer of security through asset tracking
  • Provide flexibility to replace/upgrade equipment such as desktops and laptops at the pace required for today’s business needs, while avoiding typing up capital in a depreciating asset
  • Finance 100% of software needs, including data conversion, implementation and training
  • Preserve cash flow for other strategic needs and spreads out partner contributions
  • Accelerate decision cycles and streamline operations