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CoreTech leases technology, software and equipment to over 100 of the nation’s leading law firms. Leasing is strategic financially for law firms because it provides a monthly expense versus a total cost purchase.

Budget cuts, loss of grant funding, new technology, learning aids, regulation, competition for staff, increasing costs coupled with decreasing enrollments–all of these can affect today’s educational institutions.

For today’s manufacturer, business can be challenging.  You have to navigate layered complexities between international vendors and suppliers, ISO and other organizations’ quality standards as well as government regulations.

Whether you are in engineering, accounting, architecture, financial planning, insurance or any other profession, Coretech can help your organization meet its goals and we can finance your technology requirements.

For both providers and the businesses who service them, the last few years have been ones of rapid change in the healthcare industry.  You have to deal not only with the effects of  implementing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

You know your business and what makes it tick. You also have a plan to grow it and stay ahead of the competition. With an independent partner like CoreTech, we can help you do both.

Semiconductors were invented in America and today are one of our nation’s top exports. This is an industry employing over a quarter of a million people in the U.S., supporting more than one million additional American jobs.