Flexible Terms To Match Education Budget Cycles

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Budget cuts, loss of grant funding, new technology, learning aids, regulation, competition for staff, increasing costs coupled with decreasing enrollments–all of these can affect today’s educational institutions.  The Team at CoreTech is  here to help guide you.  At Coretech Leasing, we can provide you with best in class financing and more.

What to Lease:

IT Tools and Equipment Your Institution Can Lease with CoreTech
  • Video conferencing equipment
  • Telephone equipment
  • Remote learning equipment
  • Computers, laptops and tablets
  • Notification systems and networking gear
  • Telephone and data communications
  • Wi-Fi/ Wireless Networks
  • Transportation Equipment
  • AV Equipment
  • Maintenance equipment
  • Laundry and food service needs
  • Desks, chairs, lab and gym equipment
  • Security Systems