General Business

You know your business and what makes it tick.  You also have a plan to grow it and stay ahead of the competition.   With an independent partner like CoreTech, we can help you do both.  Leasing conserves capital and spreads costs out over a term.  That along with our unbiased, consultative approach to lease financing can make your dream a reality. We help you conserve cash while providing the horsepower to take your business to the next level.

By partnering with a reputable firm that stands behind what it says, we help you fit your equipment and technology costs into a predictable, fixed monthly expense.

A sampling of types of equipment leased to general business:

  • Computers, IT, Software, Consulting Services, Implementation and Training Costs
  • Production, Material Handling, RFID, Point of Sale
  • Packaging, Shipping, Receiving, Storage, Warehouse
  • Design, Verification and Validation
  • Conveyors, Customized Machinery and Equipment
  • Servers, Data Communications, Storage, Networking, Voice over IP (VOIP)
  • Software, Consulting, Implementation, Deployment, Maintenance Contracts and Customization
  • Security Systems, Monitoring and Access Control
  • Laboratory, Medical and Surgical
  • Recreation, Rehabilitation and Food Service
  • Pharmacy, Distribution, Inventory Control, Packaging, and Mailing