20 Years Of Legal Leasing Expertise

Personal and Dedicated Lease Administration: 
Our service is more like you would expect from a personal banker

CoreTech leases technology, equipment, and finances software for over 100 of the nation’s leading law firms. Leasing is strategic financially for law firms because it provides a monthly expense versus a total cost purchase. Leasing conserves cash, keeps bank lines of credit open for short-term use, and cuts the out of pocket costs for  a firms technology upgrades while still enabling new projects  in the budget. These financial strategies allow for flexibility and quick decision making, necessities in the current fast-paced legal market.

Advances in technology and software upgrades are being made on a monthly basis. Leasing provides the opportunity for an IT department to replace/upgrade equipment on the fly as upgrades are released while at the same time working within a monthly budget. And at the end-of-life for the firm’s equipment, with leased equipment a law firm’s staff is freed from the burden of disposing of outdated equipment.

Here is a sampling of the types of equipment CoreTech leases to our law firm clients:


  • Desktops / Laptops / Servers
  • iPads / Tablets / Netbooks
  • Copiers / Printers
  • Accounting Systems
  • Network Solutions
  • Videoconferencing Systems
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Document Management Systems
  • Telecom / VOIP Systems
  • Office Equipment / Furniture

Soft Costs:

  • Software / Services / Consulting Fees
  • Implementation / Installation
  • Maintenance / Training / Cabling