For today’s manufacturer, business can be challenging.  You have to navigate layered complexities between international vendors and suppliers, ISO and other organizations’ quality standards as well as government regulations, design verification and validations, process controls, strictures of LEAN Six Sigma methodologies, complex engineering and risk management requirements, competition from across the globe while also selling your products into emerging markets.

With a fixed rate payment lease, our Team can work with your organization to structure financing for individual items of equipment or for an entire manufacturing plant, taking into account both your budgetary and financial goals.

Manufacturing Equipment:

That you can finance with Coretech
  • Material handling – including forklifts, scissor lifts, conveyor systems and pick place systems
  • Machine Tools of all types including lathes, presses, CNC, injection molding, cutting, stamping, polishing, casting, etc…
  • Welding, brazing and joining equipment – all types
  • Annealing and other types of furnaces
  • Material Curing equipment
  • Process Control equipment
  • Clean Rooms and clean room equipment including air filtration, temperature and humidity controls
  • Parts cleaning, sand blasting and washing equipment
  • Temperature and environmental control systems
  • CAD/CAM, design, prototyping, 3-D Printing, IT, networking, telecom, data communications
  • Safety and Security and monitoring systems and equipment
  • Quality Control and Testing Equipment
  • Installation and Implementation expenses
  • Calibration equipment and expenses
  • Maintenance Equipment- Sweepers, polishers, vacuum systems
  • Test, validation and verification equipment
  • RFID, barcoding systems and Work in Process tracking equipment
  • Shipping, receiving and quarantine
  • Inventory Management equipment