Install Now, Pay Later

Does your institution need to make capital purchases today but are waiting for the budget dollars of your new fiscal year?

We have a solution! Let us introduce you to CoreTech’s cash-flow friendly leasing and financing option.

We pay the vendors on your behalf and you install the equipment at your own pace, with payments not due until your next fiscal year. You remain completely in control and manage the vendor engagement.

What are the benefits of leasing and financing equipment?

  • Lease-financing increases your cash flow
  • Flexible structures that allow your institution to remain nimble
  • Predictable costs mean fewer surprises
  • Combine multiple vendors into a single low monthly or quarterly payment
  • Keep your technology current with a lifecycle management program
  • Customized structures to fit your specific requirements
  • 100% financing can include installation, maintenance and software costs

Ready for more information?

If you’re ready to learn more click here or contact Adam Laughlin directly at (949) 679-2596 or to set up a convenient time to discuss your institution’s leasing and financing options.