Leasing is a Win-Win: Stay Up-to-date with Technological Advancements and Security

IT spending is projected to reach $3.5 trillion in 2017, a 2.7% increase from 2016, according to Gartner. If the past is an indicator of the future, the technology we use today will likely be labeled obsolete over the next few years. CFO’s and CIO’s are tasked with solving this ongoing trend.  A proactive approach to cycling IT hardware and software can be achieved through leasing. The question you need to answer is: how secure is your infrastructure?

Leasing provides a built-in exit strategy for your technology and equipment as it is known it will need to be replaced in less than the company’s depreciation period.  Leasing also allows you to lock into a fixed monthly lease payment vs. variable payment bank loans. Talk to one of our experts to discuss custom, flexible solutions that meet your organization’s needs:  866.758.2673 or email marketing@coretechleasing.com.

Law Firms Need Effective Data Security

Law firms are routinely entrusted with highly sensitive information about their clients as a course of business, thus the need for effective data security is preeminent.

If law firms’ security is the weak link to gain access to clients’ information, vigilance, best of breed technology and good processes will help minimize exposure.

Leasing helps to keep software and hardware up to date and is also an incentive to ensure the IT team can track assets at all times. Moving to a monthly expense model puts the firm in an agile position for change, seamlessly enabling technology and equipment replacement as well as payment replacements, rather than becoming bottlenecked in approval processes and bogged down in additional cash expenditures.  Read the story here, and contact us about the benefits of leasing to mitigate risk.

Does your Computer Have a TPM For Disk Encryption?

TPM is a chip in the computer’s motherboard which generates encryption keys and keeps part of the key to itself. This prevents an attacker from removing the drive from your computer to access the files elsewhere. The chip provides hardware-based authentication and tamper detection so an attacker can’t tamper with the motherboard

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