Do you know about the Section 179 Tax Deduction?

During the pandemic, much of the equipment businesses purchased to conform to COVID-19 restrictions will qualify for the Section 179 tax Deduction. Leasing and financing equipment assists in preserving cash flow—and thanks to updates in the Section 179 accounting rules, it can also save money on taxes. If the equipment you lease qualifies for the… Read More »

Important Healthcare Technology Trends in 2021 You Can’t Ignore

The healthcare industry is integrating technological advancements at an exceptional pace. Healthcare has the potential to advance healthcare to the top by making it more available, enhancing interoperability and lowering the total expense of healthcare delivery by creating a further efficient and data driven system. Here’s what we can expect as the emerging healthcare technology… Read More »

Education Technology Predictions for 2021

As educators plan the upcoming school year, it is time to embrace the possibility of education technology. Over the course of the pandemic, students and their parents have taken part in one of the largest e-learning experimentations in history. But the year 2021 brings opportunities for businesses, organizations, and individuals to restore optimism and momentum…. Read More »

Happy 13 Year Anniversary CoreTech Leasing

Happy Anniversary CoreTech Leasing!! Time flies when you are having a great time, building an incredible business, and creating amazing relationships that last along the way. CoreTech Leasing is officially 13 years old, and we couldn’t be more grateful or proud of everything we have done to get here today. The only thing that’s better than the… Read More »

Majority of Operations Under Pressure: Managed Services Trends in 2021

According to an EY survey result, 84% of operations models are under pressure, as organizations push to do more than adapt to big changes in the market and address deficiencies in their current processes.  Rather, business are really looking to transform, and not just by adopting new technology, but by rethinking their business models holistically.    Managed services is an option organizations are increasingly looking at to improve operations and cut expenses.   IT… Read More »

How Will Law Firm Investments Shift in 2021? 3 Top Considerations

The experiences of 2020 have underscored the importance of sound financial practices– are lease and finance options part of that strategy? Here are 3 things to consider in your firm’s financial strategy.  1. When Are Firms Returning to the Office?  As the economy stabilized, firms are now debating, can we set a return to office date?  The vast… Read More »