Our Green Earth Policies

Recycling IT Equipment Safely and Securely

Sustainability and Security
We can securely wipe your devices and recycle parts to protect the environment

CoreTech Leasing, Inc. is committed to the environment and only uses off lease partners who adhere to green initiatives. 100% of the assets we get back from customers do not make it into a landfill when they are returned. 98% of these assets get repurposed through either resale to new users or are harvested for parts for repair work. Our remarketing partner acquires over 80 new customers each week that purchase equipment which is commonly perceived as “scrap”, but in actuality has an alternate use.

2% of our equipment is recycled down to its raw composite materials which are then sold back to people who are involved in providing materials for the manufacture of new equipment. Our remarketing partner is also launching a program where they will recycle all of the equipment for an organization, reselling it when it reaches its obsolescence point for the initial end-user. We are extremely proud to be doing our part in keeping our environment green for future generations.