Security Best Practice: Always on the Upgrade

If 2016 made one thing perfectly clear, it was the omnipresence and permanence of cybersecurity threats.  While there are no silver bullets when it comes to security, ensuring your organization remains equipped with state-of-the-art technology and equipment is no longer a luxury, but a vital best practice.

Advances in technology and software, however, are being made with extreme rapidity, and it can be challenging to keep up.  Leasing or financing provides the opportunity for an IT department to replace/upgrade equipment and software on the fly as upgrades are released, while at the same time working within a budgeted monthly payment. The decision cycle can also be shortened since the request for another large capital expenditure can be circumvented.  Interest rates are increasing–CoreTech is here to help.  It’s time to discuss a fixed monthly lease payment vs. variable payment bank loans. Talk to one of our experts to discuss custom, flexible solutions that meet your organization’s needs:  866.758.2673 or email

Law Firm Data Breaches on the Rise

Law firm data breaches increased exponentially in 2016 and took a firm standing in both the national and international headlines. Data breaches involved incidents ranging from lost or stolen laptops and other portable media to hacks of highly sensitive data, leaked for financial gain—and create enormous financial and reputational risks to the firm.

The least we can do is do our best.  Leasing helps to keep software and hardware up to date and is also an incentive to make sure the IT team knows where assets are located at all times. Moving to a monthly expense model puts the firm in an agile position for change, seamlessly enabling technology and equipment replacement as well as payment replacements, rather than becoming bottlenecked in approval processes and bogged down in additional cash expenditures.  Read the story here, and contact us about the benefits of leasing to mitigate risk.

Section 179

It’s not too early to use Section 179 in the IRS tax code to deduct the cost of qualifying business for 2017; if extended, the current limit is $500,000. Even if it is a smaller aspect of a larger project–the savings are material.  Call us today for more information: 866.758.2673.

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