Choosing a Leasing Partner

Here are some best practices we recommend

Are You Getting A Bill Or A Business Partner:
At CoreTech we are looking for relationships not just another transaction

  • Seek a lessor that is highly responsive, offers flexible solutions and demonstrates predictability and longevity of a hands-on management staff.
  • Look beyond the lease rate factor.  Rates and credit acceptance offered by a lessor are important considerations.   However, these are rarely the predominant factors in maintaining a long-term partnership. In fact, the primary selection criteria implemented by a vendor should be the service level and experience of their potential business partner, along with the strength and transparency of the Master Lease.
  • Build a relationship with vendor-neutral, customer-focused lessor.  Many vendors complain about poor communication, slow turnaround and overall poor customer service once the sale has been finalized.  Best practices, then, are that vendors should seek a relationship with a lessor that can deliver on clients’ ever changing requirements—which can include anything from  delayed payments, step payments, special contract terms, individual contact points, customized lease documents, etc.

The Team at CoreTech works with vendors across multiple business lines, including:

  • IT and Technology
  • Telecom and Data Communications
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Medical and Laboratory Equipment
  • Software (all types)
  • Pharmaceutical Equipment
  • Education
  • Laboratory and Research
  • Security Systems and Access Control
  • Material Handling
  • Transportation
  • Furniture and Fixtures
  • Copiers and Print Management

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