What can best practices in technology and office equipment leasing do for you in 2016?

The New Year brings renewed energy to implement best practices, including setting new goals and targeting achievements. The CoreTech Team continually strives to accomplish more and do better for our clients and business partners. One thing we like to remember here at CoreTech is “the end is just as important as the beginning.”

Lease administration and end-of-lease services can bring exceptional value to your lessor relationships. We spoke with one of our long term, Fortune 1000 clients who agrees – and we thought we’d share what the company’s Director of Computing Services and E-Commerce for their North American division had to say about the advantages of leasing:

“One reason we leverage leasing currently is that the dollars are so favorable for leasing, and this allows us to not extend capital; it’s intelligent financing. That’s one side. The other side is that we update and upgrade our equipment on a regular basis, and leasing is a mechanism that keeps us fresh and current with the technologies.

Leasing provides a path for these new technologies with which our warehouse operations wants to involve themselves. For instance, we’ve nearly completed on a warehouse computer roll out of newly upgraded equipment driven from end users wanting to use specific, entrant technologies like voice command that our old equipment didn’t support. Historically, we would typically lease equipment for 3 years or so, but in some cases such as this, we needed to leap to the new technology and have the new hardware available. Leasing is a strategic tool in these situations.”

And here’s what he said about working with the CoreTech team:

“The CoreTech team consistently delivers exceptional customer service, flexibility throughout the entire lease lifecycle, highly competitive rates, and their end-of-lease administration capabilities are bar none.

In one instance, I had a two year equipment roll-out, several hundred machines at a time, over multiple leases and while this was occurring, interest rates were fluctuating. Having the lease rate factor line up across the board, while complicated on the lessor side, significantly simplifies my life. In this situation and others, CoreTech’s leadership has gone the extra mile to be flexible in terms, getting us the best deal, and assisting our organization’s needs to streamline the lease rate factors. These services exceed industry standards and assist our operations be consistent even during complex implementations.

We’ve worked with other leasing companies and experienced the proverbial nightmare at the end of a lease where the lessor charges $10 for a missing screw. That’s really not a business partnership investing in a long term relationship, and one we do not repeatedly ensue. The relationship doesn’t end with the contract handshake, the end is just as important as the beginning.

The end of the lease is just as important as the beginning, and working with a lessor such as CoreTech Leasing who understands that is invaluable. Their exceptional service over the entire lease lifecycle is what sets them apart, builds relationships, and wins our business year after year.”

We look forward to a great year – bringing best practices to everything that we do. Please contact us with all of your inquiries; we’re here to assist you achieve more in 2016.

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