What is State-of-the-Art Asset Management?

    State-of-the-Art Asset Management Simplifies and Aligns IT and Finance

    The workflow and security needs of law firms have completely transformed in the past 5 years alone. CIO’s and IT professionals now need to know in real time the location, chain of ownership and lease language associated with any asset in order to better manage the disposition of any piece of technology, ensuring it has the most up to date security as well as make sure the asset remains under the firm’s policies and procedures and reduce theft or loss.

    Finance officers must be enabled into a more proactive position to manage the use of a piece of equipment and help the firm save money, the firm’s cash reserves, and create flexibility where possible by having direct access to the same lease language.

    One of the prevailing issues with most asset management systems is the system is built only for the assets with a particular provider or lessor. For an asset management system to work optimally, it must house all assets, regardless of lessor or provider.

    That’s why we built CORE C.A.R.E.

    CORE C.A.R.E. was designed from the ground-up to solve the asset management challenges of modern law firms in the simplest, most efficient and comprehensive manner, while enabling the greatest financial transparency over your contracts and agreements.

    That’s why we made the platform vendor agnostic, comprehensive, mobile, and with one of a kind integrated scanning features.

    How CORE C.A.R.E Works for You: A Unified System
    With CORE C.A.R.E., CTO’s and IT professionals know in real time not only the location and lease language tied to a piece of equipment, but even the chain of ownership associated with any asset. This is unprecedented.

    Finance officers can manage the use of the equipment to optimize per their own firm’s unique needs as they have direct access to cost of the terms and conditions.

    Law firms have the tool in their hand to manage all their equipment and contract expirations and puts them in a position to be proactive and make better business decisions rather than reactive, waiting around for a lessor to notify them.

    Key Benefits and Features

    • Enterprise-wide, comprehensive asset management from a single place
    • Integrated, end-to-end solution covering full asset lifecycle
    • Secures control + visibility over assets enterprise-wide
    • Enables proactive decision-making
    • Creates asset-loss-prevention security
    • Streamlines operations + reduce costs
    • The only asset management system with a mobile app with integrated asset scanning
    • Easily create asset audits that track the time, date, and who performed the audit
    • User profiles for access to specific data on assets
    • Integrates with CoreTech CORE C.A.R.E desktop
    • Unlimited number of users can be registered