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CoreTech Leasing

Is an Independent technology and equipment lessor

CoreTech Leasing is a premier independent technology and equipment lessor founded on 25+ years of lease and financing expertise. We exemplify industry best practices, are widely regarded for our ‘gold standard’ master lease agreement, and deliver unsurpassed customer service throughout the lease lifecycle to law firms, medical and educational institutions, corporations, professional services organizations and the semiconductor industry.



CoreTech has been a leader in technology and equipment leasing for more than a decade.  Our only focus is what is best for our customers.  We are not limited by a large corporate bureaucracy.  Easy access to smart and quick decisions makes us more flexible than most.  Let us show you how our lease product can save you money on all of your equipment needs.

Technology is the main tool businesses use today to increase productivity and drive continuing revenue.  This is common to all industries, although the type of technology may vary.  Laptops, Desktops, Servers, Medical Robots, or even software are all great options for leasing.  Let us show you how to save money by structuring leases for each type of asset.

One of the best benefits of leasing is the control that it gives you in managing expenses related to hardware acquisitions.  Having a database to track and audit your assets can save you money over time.  Lost or misplaced equipment can increase your overall spend by as much as 15%,  Let us show you how with our new CORE C.A.R.E. database financing software.

Lease administration and vendor management is made easier with CoreTech.  We have many vendor partners who use CoreTech to manage the complexities of project management, including invoice payments and immediate project funding.  We are familiar with many of the major software and hardware suppliers, making doing business effortless.

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